New Members

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To keep the club moving forwards new members are always welcome. Older members stop playing and leave the club so there is always an opportunity for people to join.

If you are already a bowls player then you are most welcome but if you have not played before but would like to join then you also are most welcome.

Tuition can be given by one of our members to get you started​ and bowls are available before you decide to buy your own.

Please come along at one of our Roll Up days or visit our Contact page.​

Lawn bowls at Calpe Bowls Club gives people of all ages and nationalities the opportunity to exercise both in a social or competitive environment coupled with the physical exercise aspect that enhances individual fitness. Lifting, bending, walking and, in some cases, sprinting down the green exercises parts of the body that can be overlooked by a more sedentary lifestyle. Lawn bowls gives both the body and mind a euphoric experience that few sports can offer over a life time.

Visit our series of coaching videos to get you started or even improve your game.

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