Mixed Singles Final

Contender For Game Of The Season.
Bob McAllister. V. David Wilde.

On Thursday the 21st November, which was a fine sunny morning the spectators who turned up were treated to a wonderful high quality game of bowls with both players on top form. In order to reach the final Dave had defeated, Anne, Lesley and Andrea and Bob had beaten, Adrian, Tony Sayers, and Bruce so the scene was set. The marker for the game was our Vice Captain David Hard, who tossed the coin and Bob won the toss and he decided to take the mat.

On the first end Bob bowled four good woods all within 10 inches of the Jack, and David played a super fourth wood to cut it down to three.
Dave went into turbo gear and proceeded to win the next five ends taking a lead of 6/3.
Bob then fought back winning the next two ends 2/0, 2/0 and so regaining the lead 7/6
What was to happen next ? David won the next three ends with some brilliant woods picking up a 2,1,1 so regaining the lead 10/7 the spectators were getting their monies worth and more.
Bob won the next two ends picking up a 2, 1 taking the score to 10/10
Dave again bowled some fabulous woods picking up a 3 to go up 13/10
Bob could only manage a single on the next end so Dave still up 13/11

Dave again playing some superb woods won the next two ends picking up a 2,1 racing into a 16/11 lead was this curtains for Bob?
Well fortunately for the spectators who did not want the match to end Bob raised his game and won the next five ends picking up 1, 2,1, 2,3 making the score 20/16 in Bobs favour so was it now curtains for David oh no !! the excitement was getting racked up.

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Singles Final-1

We are now into the 23rd end which Dave wins picking up a very good two so now 20/18. Can anything else happen well it sure can !! 24th end and Bob draws three very good woods and one not so good but is holding 2 and Dave has only one wood left, it appears there is no draw shot available to Dave so he decides to play a fast running wood, an absolutely fabulous shot picking up the Jack as clean as a whistle taking it into the ditch and making two shots.

25th end and it's 20/20 the gladiators shake hands and remark to each other what a fantastic game of bowls we are having. Dave bowls the first wood but leaves it 2 ft short left of the jack. Bobs wood creeps past Dave's wood but still short left of the jack Dave again went short left so Bob is holding one, Bob then went slightly short right but holds two. David then puts in a killer blow, draws in a super wood about an inch short of the Jack blocking Bobs drawing hand. Bobs 3rd wood went slightly past the Jack on right hand side. Dave's last wood does not change the head and Bob has one last wood to turn things around, he decides to play a running wood which hits the short woods on the left of the jack which ricochet missing the jack by a smidgeon, a great game and a great victory for David.

The crowd were superb thanking both players for a great game which had everything.

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Bob McAllister.
Competitions Secretary.