Finca Guila v Calpe

Life can be a real mystery and playing bowls is no exception, 4 excellent games played in glorious sunshine, with an early dew on the green, giving some early indications of how the bowls should react on it, did seem to help at first, but by the 4th end the green was fairly dry, leaving us to have to work it out for ourselves.
Our “Hard” working Team on Rink 1, having regained the lead by 3 shots by end 10, had a disastrous spell on ends 11-17, dropping 13 shots from which they had no chance of recovering.
On Rink 2 a much different story where our Team gained 8 shots from just 4 ends taking their lead to 8 – 4 by end 8, and then holding the advantage to the end.
On Rink 3 having an 8 – 9 deficit by end 13, our Team turned it over on the next 5 ends scoring some 9 shots to lead 16 – 9 by the 15th end.
On Rink 4 between the ends 14 – 18 our Team finished off with a flurry gaining 11 shots from the home team.
So mixed fortunes for our Calpe Warriors, nevertheless, again well done to them all, another very good away win, taking 8 of the 10 points on offer. Tony J.


Finca Guila v calpe score sheet