Calpe v Javea Green Quartz

Well another funny day with fortunes twisting and turning for both sides.

On Rink 1 Adrian`s Team started fairly well and were 4 – 1 up after 4 ends, then “all change” as the Quartz found the green, scoring 8 on the following 5 ends. After a bit of up and down, our trio managed to take back the lead by scoring a 4, on the 14th end, the score now 12 – 10, but alas the visitors took command of the later stages of the game scoring 7 to our 2, leaving us 14 – 17 down.
Rink 2, The “Wilde Bunch” had what you might call a steady game, but conceeded 14 shots on (and only on) 5 ends, winning some 13 ends, adding 10 singles, 2 X 3 and a 4, and finished up winning 20 – 14, enough said!
Rink 3 saw our favourite Lady Skip, Kate Sayers, who`s team had an amazing run of 9 ends 16-0, without conceding a single shot, and held it all together to go on to win 25-3. Wow! well done that Team.
David Hard was drawn to play on Rink 4 today, only the first time in 7 matches at home that he has not played on Rink 1, I wonder if he was bothered? Well up to end 10 his Team was leading by 11-6, but then *!/* crash bang wallop, dropping a 6 then a 4 and a 3, with honours even over the next 2 ends. With the score at 13 – 22, back came our Team scoring a 3, then a 2, leaving us requiring 4 off the last end to draw, which I believe they held, until the very last bowl from their skip, who cut it down to 3, leaving us just 1 shot short of a draw, ouch! but what a brave effort.

So we came away with 6 points, still a win but if we are to overtake Bonalba (who won 8 – 2 today and have now moved some 2 more points away from us [11points difference]) we need MORE POINTS. Tony J.

Calpe v Javea Quartz results sheet