Calpe v Javea Green Opal

Thank you Tony James for the following report.

Today we welcomed back one of our players from last year, John Coates, who is now the Captain of the JG Opal side. He gave a rousing speech to his side before we started, asking them to hold back Calpe from going above them in the NL, however I think it had a more positive effect on our side, because, it was almost 10 points to Calpe and nil to the Opal Side, HOWEVER.
On Rink 1, Kate`s Team were 10 – 18 down with 3 ends to play, but on end 16, Kate narrowed the gap to 12 – 18, then following that on the 17th end, Kate pushed the jack through to gain another 3 shots, “Game On”. Now at 15 -18, it was still a hard task to get 4 to win or 3 to draw, but Alan & Ray finished by holding the required 4 shots, until Velia Wood (Skip) cut it down to a single plus a measure, then both Kate & Velia with absolutely excellent, final 4 woods, chancing the infamous forearm line, (which as we all know can be impossible to play) alas unfortunately Velia managed to hold Kate`s Team to just 1 shot, quite a special last end. (16 – 18)
Never mind we came away with a very respectable 8 – 2 victory, with a positive aggregate of 44 shots, 🙌 that puts us back into 4th place.

Calpe v JG Opals