Calpe v Javea Green Onyx

My Mother once said that there would be days like this, but Son she would say, don`t fret, all will be good another day, for you have to have bad times to enjoy the good times, so I think you may have worked out by now, that things did not go quite our way today !!.
Expectations were high today that we would pull up on Bonalba and just maybe overtake them at the top, but unfortunately the Onyx had other ideas, and shattered our thoughts of jumping over Bonalba with 10 points.
Anyway needless to say today was not a total disaster, as we did manage to get 4 points, and narrowly missed claiming the aggregate by 2 shots.
Here I am trying my best to cheer myself up and give you all something to hold onto, so I will finish by saying well done to Bob Kelman in his first match this season, who assisted in gaining 2 points, on Rink 4.
So take care you all, especially nice to hear from Liz, who sends her regards to all at Calpe Bowls, also thanks for your warm thoughts & comments from Geoff & Chris, Shirley & Hugh, I hope I have not missed anybody !! Tony J.
Calpe BC v Javea Green Onyx