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Calpe BC Protocol For Members And Visiting Teams


Club members and visiting teams must comply with all government regulations and follow the LLB Covid-19 bowling protocols. As ours is the most compact green in the LLB Northern League, 1.5 meter distancing at all times will be a challenge, but should be observed as far as possible.

  • All players will sanitise their hands on arrival at the sanitisation station, just inside the entrance to the green.
  • Visitors and reserve players should remain outside the green.
  • Home players will place their bags on the far concrete shelf adjacent to rink 4. Visiting players will place their bags on the nearer shelf adjacent to rink 1.
  • Face masks must be worn when walking to and from the green or when leaving the area of play for any reason.
  • Sanitiser will be provided at the end of each rink for use during the game.
  • Each team Lead will be provided with their own coloured mat and jack, located at the end of each rink, i.e. blue mat/white jack (home team), yellow mat/yellow jack (away team).
  • Touchers should only be marked using spray chalk or a chalk pen.
  • Players removing bowls/jacks from the ditch during the game should sanitise their hands.
  • Measuring to be undertaken by one member of each team, sanitising hands before and after.
  • Bowl pushers to be used by the home team for odd ends and away team for even ends, by pre-designated players on each rink.
  • Scoreboards will be updated by the home team only.
  • Players must sanitise their hands on leaving the green.