BBC Lions v Calpe

Today I will start by telling you the score which was 8 – 2 to the Lions, I tell you this now because it could have been “oh so” different, as we only lost the aggregate by some 9 shots, which I say to you, is very close considering we lost 3 of our 4 games, and only won 1 game by 2 shots.

Rink 3 was a “who has the Jack, fairs the better” match, as our Team were leading 6-1 after 4 ends, then the Lions Team hit us with a single, a 5, and then a 4 to shoot into the lead 6-11, over the next 3 ends we pulled it back to 10-12, but the jack fell into the home Teams hands once again, and we did not get it back for some 5 ends, now 10-17 down, however, I must say that we gave as good as anybody could have done and finished off with a 3, a single, and on the very last end, almost got there!!, but could only manage a pair, very unlucky, final score 16-17.

Rink 5. “The Wilde Bunch” I cannot say without going through all my records, how many times the Team that I have played with has been drawn against the infamous “3 QUEENS”, and again I would not like to say how well we have played against them, but never mind, a good contest this with some very good woods coming from both Teams, after 5 ends it was all square at 6-6, then after 9 ends we had pulled away slightly to 12-9, but then we dropped a 4 and a 2 “ouch I hear you say”, but we quickly made it up by scoring a 3 and a single, however they replied with a single also, making it all square again 16-16 after 14 ends. the “Queens” then bagged a brace on the 15th, but with some good bowling we just managed to get ahead once again, leaving the 3 Ladies to score 3 to draw or 4 to win on the last, thankfully we kept them down to just a single and won by 2 shots. 21-19.

Rink 6 saw another “Hard” fought game that our Team, who were restricted to scoring only 2 pairs, and nothing higher, throughout the whole match and all the other 6 winning ends were singles, however the telling blows to our brave hearts came by way of 2 threes, on ends 3 and 13, and a 5 on the 17th end, leaving us to ponder on what went wrong !!. 10-18.

Rink 8. Well this game was ironic as our Team never scored a single shot on the outgoing ends (1,3,5,7,9,11,13,15 &17) but scored all their 14 shots on the returning ends, (2,6,8,10,12,14,16 & 18) funny hey !!. Much is the pity for had they done so, they might have won this game, and not lost it by just 2 shots. 14-16, very good effort.

Well that means holding onto second place has come to an end, as we are now 1 point behind the BBC Lions, painful to say I know😭, but never mind there are 4 matches to go yet, so lets keep thinking positively 🤔and lets see if we can manage some good scores against the other 2 BBC Sides, Bonalba & finally El Cid. Thank You Tony J. for the monologue!

Calpe BC Results Sheet Wk14