BBC Jaguars v Calpe

For those with faint hearts – look away now !!

I am afraid all did not go well today at that place they call the Cemetery for aspiring League Sides such as ourselves, to say we came unstuck at the seams, would be quite an understatement.
Now the weather was quite nice, and the company was also very friendly, but there again they would be, having scored more than double our aggregate, so what went wrong !!!. I hear you say.

Rink 3 We won on 9/18 ends and on the face of it that would seem quite good, unfortunately we did not score as heavy as our hosts did on the same amount of ends, and it did not help our cause when we dropped a pair on the 17th end and a mighty 6 on the last “ouch ouch” finishing down 12-24.

Rink 4 A total disaster, as we only managed to win on 5 ends which amassed us just 6 shots, unfortunately the Jaguars pounced all over us with a rather large total of 31 shots “oh the pain”.

Rink 5 did not fair much better, but at least we got into double figures, but it does not help when you drop 3 triples a fivefer and a BIG 6 along the way, enough said, however we did manage a couple of 3`s, and finished 11-29.

Rink 8 with binoculars you could just have seen us on the far Rink but our supporter Lynda struggled to see the actual scoreboard, I digress sorry !, this looked for all intents and purposes a fairly comfortable win for the “Wilde Bunch” but after setting up a good lead of 14 – 4 after 11 ends, back came our opposition, and claimed the initiative with short jacks, bringing it to 14 – 9 after 15 ends. I must say that Graham their Skip, had some bad luck, whilst holding 3 shots gave the jack a push too far and we gladly received a pair, it can be such a cruel game, well we held on and managed to win by 16 – 10.

Sadly our Side only picked up the 2 points and came away somewhat disheartened, but never mind we can only hope that the BBC Lions have as a good a day as we had, then we could still be in second place after all the results are in. Tony James

BBC Jaguars v Calpe score sheet